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Help - linked MySQL table & VBA

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    Help - linked MySQL table & VBA


    sorry, I'm stuck......
    I have a ms access (2003) database with local tables, and VBA scripts to edit and update the tables.
    So far, so good.
    Now I had the splendid idea to put some of the tables "online", meaning linked ODBC tables.
    I edit the tables like:
    t.[Name] = f![Name]
    t.[Address] = f![Address]
    With the linked tables, the code stops with 'another user has changed the record'.
    I thought I found that when I change a field with the same content (a test table), the error occured.

    So I changed the code with tests, if equal do nothing, if not change the content of the field.
    While testing, this approach worked, but after chaning all my code, I get the same error.....
    Even though the fields are updated prior to the error (prior to the t.update) I don't know if it's ok to omit the t.update.

    I hope to get some help or tips here (without re-writing everything..)
    I admit I'm clumsy with programming, but everything worked fine with local tables.
    I hope to find out what I'm missing here.

    Appreciating any help.


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    use an update query.(or append)
    you dont need any code.

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    Hi ranman256,
    it's not only code to edit and update, but also some input depending changing of data.....
    Thanks for the reply.

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    Hi Leo,

    Can you edit the linked tables directly (open the table and edit a record)? What MySQL server version and MyODBC connector are you using? What options have you chosen in the connector (ODBC driver)? Have a look at this thread:


Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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