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Migrate Data From MS Access 2013

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    Question Migrate Data From MS Access 2013


    I am looking to move my Access 2013 database into SQL Server 2017 Express, and use Access 2013 as my front end.

    Is there any guidance or instructional documentation on the best approach for using SQL Server 2017 Express as my back-end and Microsoft Access 2013 as my front-end?

    In Access 2010, the missing manual book, it states that you can add objects to SQL Server, your tables and queries, while using Access as your front-end to hold the forms and reports -- I'm curious, is it the same for Access 2013? I've noticed there's been changes since the 2010 edition.

    I'd still like to use my 2013 Access database as the front-end, but split the database and have my tables and queries in the SQL Server, what is the best approach to start that procedure?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    it should be effortless.
    you link in the SQL tables and name them the same as the access tables and it works flawlessly.

    I actually had 3 links for 1 table in order to swap between Production (SQL) and Test (access). The access link table, the SQL link table, and the 'working' table.

    I had code to swap between production to Test and back.
    For production, the code copies tClients_Prod to tClients, for every table in the db.
    Test mode copies the _Test tables

    (note , it doesnt copy the data, just the table ,aka the link).

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    There is a SQL upsizing wizard available (depending on your version of access), which really does make things effortless.
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    Doesn't one have to be concerned with Access features that are not compatible, such as multi value fields? It's probably not something the more experienced responders would have created, but a novice might have. I'm only asking because I've never had to migrate/convert like that.
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    Agree with Micron.

    If you have Look up FIELDS, multi-value fields or calculated fields you will have problems.
    If you have spaces, punctuation or special characters in your field names, you will have problems. (Underscore is OK).

    There are field type differences you should be aware of. One is that a Boolean field type (Yes/No) in SQLSE is converted to a Bit type field.
    Every table NEEDS a PK field or a timestamp field will automatically added (IIRC).

    When you link to the SSQLE tables, in Access the table names are prefixed with "dbo_" (database owner). There is code (internet) that will remove the "dbo_" so the controls/forms/queries/code will not have to be changed because of the table names. If you cannot find the code, post back and ask. I will find the code I used and post it.
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