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SQL Server Views

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    SQL Server Views

    I have 3 SQL Server Databases in 3 Facilities. What I want to do is create a view in our Local SQL Server that Draws data from the other 2. Which I've done but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. What I have is a job that runs in the morning prior to people coming in that runs a query to create the data locally for the users to access. the queries take a few hours to run and the data is static for the day. I have a new request that needs the same type of data but it must be dynamic. My question is if I create a view that uses the off-site SQL Servers is the data continually updated during the day? Also will I have issues with the timing for that data. (If a user updates the data in the vendor supplied front end how long will it be until the data shows up in my View?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    If the view is using linked servers, then it's data would be dynamic. As soon as the front end updates the data, the view should see it.
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    Do you have:
    3 different databases on same SQL Server instance;
    or 3 databases on 3 different physical SQL Servers;
    or 3 databases on 3 different SQL Server instances on same physical server (last 2 setups really don't differ too much for your task)?

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    Since the query takes hours, your answer isn't going to be a view but more along the lines of replication that will keep the data synced between the servers. Merge replication would be the best in your case of semi disconnected data since it would catch up on intervals of your choosing. I would also suspect that there needs to be some kind of query/database performance tuning as well. We have databases on multiple servers that would total around 1 TB and nothing will take nearly that long.

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