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Linking Database in sharepoint

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    Linking Database in sharepoint

    Help please!!!

    I have taken over in work the running of our databases. I have a working knowledge and am happy linking front to back ends and linking associated accompanying spreadsheet. However our works are moving to a sharepoint based system. I have been given access to the system to try our databases out, but am at the moment stumped.

    Q. How do you link the database front and back end together in sharepoint. When I follow my usual routine I cannot find an address to link to.

    Am I missing something here....?

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    you move your tables to sharepoint - there is a wizard on the ribbon under database tools

    See also this link

    Note that sharepoint lists are not the same as tables, there are some things you can do with a list you can't do with a table and visa versa - see this link

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    Surf dragon, did you get this sorted out yet?

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