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Making report list item multiple times

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    Making report list item multiple times

    Hello, I have a query that creates a list of items we need to pick (Screenshot attached). I also have a report that allows us to print pick labels (Screenshot attached). I need to find a way to make it print X number of labels for each item where X= the value in list field # OF CONT. Is it possible to accomplish this within the report? I am fairly new to Access so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you!

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    if you put all the items in a list box on a form,
    then loop thru them printing as you go. The #copies is the bound value in the list box.
    Or you can have it grab the record key and only print that 1 persons label

    sub btnPrint_click()
    For i = 0 To lstBox.ListCount - 1
       iCopies = lstBox.dataitem(i)   'get new item
       lstBox = vItm               'set list box to item
       PrintMultipleCopies "rMyReport", iCopies
    End Sub
    Public sub PrintMultipleCopies(pvRpt,pyCopies as byte)
        Dim i As Byte
        For i = 1 To pyCopies
            DoCmd.OpenReport pvRpt
    End Function

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