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PIV (Government) Digital signature in Access field?

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    PIV (Government) Digital signature in Access field?

    Greetings everyone! In the next half year I'll be taking over a (unkind words) of a database that we use to handle inprocessing a thousand residents every year at a government hospital. The main interface is Sharepoint, which I don't have any meaningful experience with.

    One of the issues in the existing database is a set of three fields for each step of inprocessing.
    1. Short text of "Has this step been complete?" (Yes I know it should be a binary)
    2. Date/time of "When was the step completed."
    3. Short text of "Who is inputting that this was completed?"

    Now, one thing we use a lot here is the PIV card signatures, particularly on PDF files. The digital signatures created in PDF files contain the name and date, and could replace all three of these fields in each stage. My question is, where do I even begin to start prompting for and then storing a digital signature from a PIV card?

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    No answers despite several views, so I'll chime in with something else since I have no experience with ds' and I've never heard of Access having such capability. I don't get what the issue is with respect to multiple fields for this, and even if you could link Access to the source, you might find it's stored in multiple fields anyway. If not, to store 3 parts of a signature in a db as 1 field doesn't follow normalization practices IMHO, and I wouldn't do it unless absolutely necessary.

    If you could be content with capturing info like the user name, date of a change and even the pc they made the change on, then many of us here could likely help with that.
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    Hello securitywyrm,

    The application I maintain uses SharePoint (lists) as a BE as well. It took me some time to figure out how to makes things work but I have become pretty good at it. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

    As far as storing a digital signature in a field, whether it is a SharePoint list or an Access table, I am quite sure that you would need an Add-On. I believe that Adobe offers something of this nature, but I am not too sure.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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