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large excel data

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    large excel data

    I'm newbie here. I have large excel data files which I need to recon. (24K rows each) total of three files. I need to make sure, if employee IDs match, their location matches etc. Currently, I use vlookup, but it always freezes my PC. I wanted to develop a macro either in Access or Excel to to simple, import the file and auto check mine validation.

    can anyone recommend a good macro tutorials? I have good at excel, tried Access few years.

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    get Access for dummies. Its pretty good at explaining.
    I also run imports. during the import I run validation queries....
    1 qry to see if there are missing person fields (missing or non matching ID)
    1 qry to see if there are new persons that were not entered before. Then add to the various tables needed

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    Welcome to the forum......

    Just so we are on the same page (so to speak), "Macro" in Excel means something different in "Access". Excel used to have macro (scripting) for manipulating objects; now Excel uses VBA, but still uses the term "macro" for code.

    Access has macros (scripting) AND VBA coding. I never use macros - they are too restrictive to do much.

    One option is to import the 3 worksheets into Access
    Another is to link the workbooks to Access and the workbooks will appear as table.

    Then you can then create queries to find matching records or find non matching records.
    Or you could write VBA code to do the compares........
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    Thanks everyone.

    I agree excel macro are too limited. Plus I don't understand their language. I am actually a developer (php, html, javascript). so I won't need any books to read. Just needed to few example, if already created. I can simply tweak those. I haven't worked Access for years. I know I can import or link excel data into Access via some menu options. I rather have one full program that does that

    Any suggestions? Need to make sure if all staff are aligned to the correct project code. etc

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    Perhaps you meant to say: "I agree Access macros are too limited."?

    Might find ideas for import at
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