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Make new record when a specific field change

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    Make new record when a specific field change

    Perhaps a stupid question. I have a form used for adding new documents and change meta data of existing records. Now I want a existing record to become a new record when the version number is changed. I don't want to fill in any fields. Just the version nummer is changing, but I need it to become a new record, not to overwrite the existing record with the new value.

    file version = 00 stored with all meta data
    File version = 01 should become a new record with same metadata as 00. (just to keep all the changes)

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    Looks like you need a related table to keep the version info. This table would store the document ID and a date and maybe some other info such as AuthorizedBy, etc.

    Whether a version sequence ID should be stored or calculated when needed is a separate issue.
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    Add 1 to the version number and run an insert query for the new record.

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