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Error Message Using ODBC To DB2

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    Error Message Using ODBC To DB2

    I'm trying to link to a number of tables on an iSeries DB2 database. Most are working as expected, but for one important table I'm getting the following error message:

    'The operation failed. There are too many indexes on table. Delete some of the indexes on the table and try the operation again.'

    This is an ERP table so modifying the indices is not an option. Is there any other way around this or am I out of luck?

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    how wide is the table? how many fields? I've not seen this message and of course one can't change the db2 table's properties and so am wondering if it just too big of a table. This is always an issue because connecting a PC database (Access) to a mainframe database there is always the possibility of a payload mismatch, which is what I am guessing is the issue.

    You may need to set up queries or written tables on the DB2 side to create smaller data sets that a PC app can handle and connect to them instead.

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