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Split Form Tabbing

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    Split Form Tabbing

    Hi All,
    New Access user here. I have a split form in Access and when I hit tab to move from one field to another, the active field changes accordingly in both the form portion and the columnar portion. Does anyone know of a way to only move the active field in the form view, and "freeze" the columnar view? The problem is, I have a lot of fields in the form which necessitates a lot of columns in the columnar portion of the split form. I would like to be able to move in-between fields on the form, but still see the same set of columns in the window even when they're not active. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Well, sort of. Do you really need to see all fields in the datasheet part? Can hide columns and the field will still be visible in the form part.
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    Does anyone know of a way to only move the active field in the form view, and "freeze" the columnar view?
    Pretty sure you cannot. A split form is basically 2 views of the same thing, albeit the datasheet half represents all of the data associated with the fields from the other part of the form. That is, both halves refer to the same fields and if you select one in either half, you select it in both. The only way to prevent it AFAIK, is to lock the controls, which would be pointless.

    The way to prevent the behaviour is to have a form/subform relationship instead of a split form.
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