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Changing Word Doc into Access Database

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    Changing Word Doc into Access Database

    I have a rather long Word Document that everyone in my office updates on a monthly basis. It contains around 40 different active studies that the employees are working on. The format is: study title, short description of study, names of employees working on study, and a list of dates and actions taken on those dates.


    AQ CONFORMITY [Porta/Brooks]

    Conformity designation and 2033 Long Range Plan adopted by MPO Policy Committee.
    04/26/13 - EPA has concurred with conformity report.

    My question is can anyone think of a way to design an access database to keep track of this information? The Word doc is a problem b/c only one person can have it open at a time.

    I'm kind of stuck, Any thoughts would help

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    Your description is a little hard to follow due to formatting in the forum. Perhaps if you uploaded a sample of your word document. Maybe 10-12 records so we could see how it lays out and the best way to offer a workable solution. Also, what data would you like to extract from the database once it has been created? This will require the building of queries that you should think about.

    Here is a link to a DB Schema on Projects that may be helpful

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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