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Can this be done - Multiple Prices for a Product that aren't percentages

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    Can this be done - Multiple Prices for a Product that aren't percentages

    I'm new to Access and working on a sales and inventory database. The inventory products have retail and wholesale prices; the wholesale prices are not percentages of the retail prices. I would like to have a structure that enables creation of an order form where I can select either the retail price or the wholesale price for each line item. Is this possible, and what might be the best structure? TIA

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    tPrice table
    ProdID (fk to tProduct table)
    Price (currency)
    PriceType (retail,whole)

    tProduct table
    ProdID (key) either autonum or upc code

    tInventory table
    ProdID (chosen from tProd tbl)

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    Yes it can be done.

    I would store the wholesale and retail prices, and the PriceEffectiveDate in a table. I suggest storing both since
    one is not a percentage of the other.

    Here is a link to info re database planning and design that may be helpful.
    I recommend you work through 1 or 2 of the tutorials under Practical Experience at that link.

    Good luck.

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