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Access on AWS?

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    Access on AWS?

    Good morning everyone!

    Does anyone have any experience setting up an Access db on Amazon Web Services? I've been reading the documentation on AWS website - and I'm really not sure where to begin. Thank you in advance!

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    I haven't used AWS but not sure of the context of what you are asking.

    If you mean upload an access db to AWS to be run by multiple users, then I think you will have the same problem as you do with dropbox, onenote etc - only one user can use the db at a time, any subsequent users will create a different instance and need to save a copy.

    On the other hand, if you are talking about upsizing the backend to say a sql server or MySQL instance on AWS it looks very similar to SQL Azure. I have experimented with SQL Azure and been pleased with the results - simplistically in your front end you just substitute links to tables in your access backend with links to the tabls in azure although in practice you will make use of stored procedures in the back end. Main consideration (same for AWS) is that the firewall that protects from hackers etc requires a known IP. So all your users need fixed IP's. In many businesses this will not be a problem, but if you have people working from home, they will need to get a fixed IP (their ISP can provide one) but if they are working from wifi hotspots - no chance unless you want to risk letting the world in. There are workarounds going via a web portal but requires more work.

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