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Decrypting data in SQL Server backend table from Access front end

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    Decrypting data in SQL Server backend table from Access front end

    I recently just migrated my back-end end tables from Access to SQL serves but still using the Access front-end. In the process of doing so, I decided to encrypt the Password column (which stores user passwords when accessing the database) to one of my back-end tables in SQL. After linking that back-end table to my Access front end, users are now unable to access the database due to Access not reading the Password encrypted data.

    Is there a way to resolve this issue?

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    Have you tried using SSMS and deleting the Password encrypted field in the table? Then you could add the field/data (un-encrypted?) again.

    Maybe you could use a SP to compare the UID/PW in the BE instead of the FE - then might not have to encrypt the PW.
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