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create a coach seating plan

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    create a coach seating plan

    I am making a back office/booking system for a coach tour operator. I am having trouble getting my head around seat plans. For each tour I need to record which passenger is in which seat on the coach. Should I create a 'seats' table for each tour or a table containing every seat in the database with the tour ID to identify the tour. Whichever way I go, the coach seat plan for each tour is the same until I add passengers so I don't want to have to key in every seat on every tour each time I create a tour. Make Table query or append query??? Once I have decided how to store the data and create the table I will have to get on to how to select the seat during the booking process and display the seat plan graphically on screen.

    Anyone done anything like this can help. I am really not good with access but very keen!

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    You'd have a perm. TSeats table. If this is tied to a vehicle then the tSeats table would also have VEhID field from the tVehicles table.

    tVehicles table
    VehID, VehName,VIN, VehType,etc...
    22, Bus6, 123355, Bus,...

    tSeats table
    VehID, Seat
    22, 1
    22, 2
    22, 3

    The seat table is only the lookup table to book the trip. You need a tBookseats table to assign the seats for THAT trip.
    tBookings table
    BookID, ClientID,BookDate,Duration, VehID
    123, 99, 6\1\17, 3, 22

    then assign the seats to the tBookSeats table ,by appending the seat #s from tSeats table...
    BookID,VehID,Seat, ClientID
    123, 22, 1, 765
    123,22, 2, 334

    Then assign client to each seat.
    i used a form,pasted a graphic of the floor plan. Then manually assigned the seat textbox over top the graphic.
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    You might look at these data models at

    The railway reservations model seems close to the coach reservations. Might add a table for bus configurations - number of seats available - something like airplane seating. Planes have seating in 3-3, 2-5-2, 2-1 configurations plus the number of seats available.

    Good luck with your project and welcome to the forum.
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    Thanks for helping!

    Seats will be allocated prior to a vehicle being allocated so I don't need to link a vehicle to a seat plan at present.

    If I am reading the solution right I would need a query on the lookup table. If the seat is occupied don't offer the seat. (to avoid overbooking a seat!).

    What I am still confused about, and I know I am being stupid, is how to create a full set of 48, empty seats for each tour without having to key them all in manually. So - when I create a new tour I add a set of empty but named/numbered seats to the seats table, each seat linked to the Tour by the tour ID.

    Sorry this is just messing with my head.


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    Few questions that might help others:
    1. Can their be multiple tours per day, per hour, can they be at the same time(different vehicles)?
    2. Is there only 1 vehicle or multiple?
    3. If multiple vehicles, do they each have same number of seats?
    4. Do you have to know a person is in Seat 3 and Seat 5 and the other ones are free? Or do you know you have 10 seats and you just need to start assigning seats until the 10 are filled?

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    Hi Bulzie

    1. There are about 60-100 tours a year (they are holidays). various duration various dates, various destinations. Currently tours are all in a tours table.

    2. The vehicles are allocated at the last minute but currently they all comply with one seat plan. The numbering scheme is like an airline so 1A is row one nearside window then 1B, 1C and 1D is hext to the offside window. 13 rows (there is a central WC so 48 seats.

    3. Answer above

    4. Yes I need to ensure that the booking agent is not offered an occupied seat to prevent overbooking a seat.

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    I have got as far as creating tVeh table which in my case is tcoachseatplans table.

    I have created a set of coach seat plans in a table.

    I have a seats table with a set of seats for each seat plan.

    From this I need to create a table containing every seat i have to allocate a client to. A set of seats from the seatplans for each tour. Basically each tour needs 48 records, one for each seat.

    That is where I am stuck.

    Sorry to be so dim but I have a real block on this.


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