I have a half-dozen tables in SharePoint, published from Access 2016. I want to provide users with an editable view of the tables.
Here's what one of those queries looks like in Access:
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One table is called Site, which lists a bunch of sites (locations), with a Site_ID, name, address, city, state, etc etc.
The other is called Discrepancy, listing a bunch of work cases, each with a Site_ID that is joined to the Site table.
In Access, the worksheet looks like this:
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(Note: Some columns of proprietary data have been hidden in this screenshot.)

As SQL, that query is simply:
SELECT Discovery.Site_ID, Discovery.SiteNumber, Site.SiteName, Site.Region, Site.Address, Site.City, etc etc etc ...
FROM Discovery INNER JOIN Site ON Discovery.Site_ID = Site.Site_ID;

When I published the database to SharePoint, I thought that this query/view would be published. But no. Only the data tables were published.

So now I need to create that datasheet view in SharePoint that will allow users to edit the (joined) table data, much as they would in Access.
I was able to create a datasheet view of the Discovery table in SharePoint. But I can't find a way to join that to the Site table.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?