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Database Relationship for Equipment Maintenance

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    Database Relationship for Equipment Maintenance

    Hi All, thanks in advance

    I maintain military equipment with inspections coming up requiring printed forms.


    One person has many equipment. Each one (tblequipment)equipment has many (tblInspections)
    has many (tblComponents)
    tblCatalog is simply a reference pick list, that holds part numbers to describe the components and equipment (price, location, ect)

    What is getting me is trying to pass information through subforms

    PersonID 1
    has equipements ID 18, 19, 20
    each has inspections

    it's passing personID beautifully through all forms/relationships, but I'm having to manually enter the EquipmentID, which is a bummer and besides the point of a database.
    Any Ideas? Missing keys, relationships?

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    Do you want a personell database or equipment database? Having accent on one or other can influence the optimal design.

    My advice is to build your app based on equipment. So the base form is equipment register (single form based on equipment table).
    To make some operations like making inspections easier, add to equipment table field CurrentUser
    Add a multipage tab control to equipment form. On pages, you add subforms where you can attach :
    1. Personell as user (continuous form based on table tblEquipmentUser: EquipmentID, PerconellID, UsingFrom, ...), linked through EquipmentID to Equipment form;
    2. Components (continuous form based on table tblEquipmentComponents: EquipmentID, ComponentID, ...), linked through EquipmentID to Equipment form;
    3. Inspections (continuous form based on table tblInspectionEquipment: InspectionDate, EquipmentID, ...), linked through EquipmentID to Equipment form;

    Now create an unbound Main form with multipage tab control.
    Add your Personell form as subform into 1st page.
    In other pages of Main form, add subforms where you register personell and inspections.
    To make inspection easier, you can have on single Inspections form (InspectionDate, ...) a continuous subform, based on tblInspectionEquipment, linked through InspectionDate to Inspections form - so you can register existence of equipment in one continuous form.

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    That does help! Thank you. Pertaining to the tblEquipment, I want to know what kind of equipment the person has checked out(not just a serial no.). Will it cause problems if the tblEquipment and the tblComponents references the tblCatalog to find out what kind of equipment and components are checked out to a person? Or would I need to create 2 tblcatalog lists? --Which would not seem very efficient? since both of the federal stock numbers to describe the equipment and components are the same and will also be a benchstock list at some point.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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