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Filter a filter result

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    Filter a filter result

    This has been a long struggle: I have an Access database with about 4000 records. I have created a Command Button that issues an embedded macro with a simple filter reducing the results to about 1000 records. I have created another Command Button to reduce the same 4000 records by a completely different set of criteria that reduces the results further. The two criteria cannot be combined into a single filter. I would like this to be as simple as clicking one button for the first filter applying the broad criteria, then clicking another button reducing the results further.

    I cannot for the life of me get the one filter to further reduce the results of the first filter. One ALWAYS cancels the other. It seems there is an idiotically simple solution, but I have searched for years for any documentation that addresses this. Please help!!!

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    Why can't the multiple criteria be in one filter action?

    Can progressively filter using the intrinsic filter options on the ribbon. Emulate with Docmd.RunCommand acCmdFilterBySelection. Have to set focus on record/control with desired parameter. Control must be bound to a field, not a textbox with calculation. Don't know if that will be possible with embedded macro, I only use VBA.
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    I would agree that if one can filter a record set and subsequently filter it further, it would be logical to assume it can be done in one step - provided you know at the first step what the second filter ought to be. If your process is to filter food records then "green" may not be suitable as a second filter if the first filter (FoodType =) had returned meat, as much as if it had been "vegetable". If that is the case, then the primary set could be filtered to the final desired result by reconstructing the first filter, as in
    WHERE FoodType = "vegetable" AND Color = "green"
    once you have captured the second filter value. If that doesn't describe your process, then you should elaborate on what you've tried, what the process is, and what results you got from your prior attempts. I think we are missing some of the picture here.
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