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Import (?) new data in table with different order/collums...

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    Question Import (?) new data in table with different order/collums...

    Hi there!

    I am new here and quit new to access.
    Hope my englisch is well enough to explain the "problem".

    I have a non relational database with several lists (tables)
    People make reservations for new tagnumbers (equipment, instruments).

    At the end of the project they export those records to an excelfile to fill in the extra info.
    I made a query for that to filter their numbers using a field with a projectnumber.
    I then import the list and all fields containing the correct data.

    Not all fields must be filled in, some are there just not to loose old data but are not used anymore.
    Therefor i sorted the fields in the query in a different way, they just need to fill in the first xx fields in every record.
    Names of the columns did not change.

    BUT now i can't import the data anymore since the order is different.

    is there a way that acces looks at the columnnames in stead of the order for import?

    Kinds regards!

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    You'd have to supply an example.
    columns should NOT change, only the data in them.

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    You can import the Excel file to a temporary table, then use an append query which will then use the column names.

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