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Another Student/Subject/Class Question

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    Another Student/Subject/Class Question


    Can anyone point me in the right direction.

    I currently use excel to plan classes for a year in advance.

    Row Headings = Student name, Column Headings = Date, Cross Ref = Subject

    There is only 1 subject per week so that would be 52 entries per student - easy in excel just a cross in a box.

    How would I do this using Access.

    I have database with separate tables for studentInfo, SubjectInfo but with the table I have created,


    For 100 students would mean 5200 entries if I wanted to plan a year ahead.

    I'm sure I must be going about this the wrong way!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    'StudentID---WeekNo---Subject' is the probably the right way to go. For 100 students there's 5200 entries regardless of whether you use Excel or Access, what matters more is how you enter the data to populate the records. If there are null weeks where students do not have a subject (or a subject does not have students), then access will have fewer records.

    With access you can choose a subject, then select the week numbers it will be 'in session' and then select the students for that subject

    or choose a student, then select the subjects they will be doing.

    There are other ways, but your description is incomplete - do students do the subject for the full year, or every other lesson or only for three months? or just attend one session?
    Are subjects limited by class size?
    Do subjects run for a full year or only certain times?

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    Hi thanks for the prompt reply.

    There are 12 subjects each is three or four weeks in duration, approximately 12 students per class, students do not repeat the subject they attend for 1 month and that module is complete.


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