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Can the option to "Check Out" be suppressed?

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    Can the option to "Check Out" be suppressed?

    We have a sharepoint site on which we are keeping documents that will be accessed by anyone on our country-wide intranet. They are accessed by hyperlinks on web pages or through a stand-alone MS Access search engine. No problems there, the hyperlinks work fine and the documents (MS word or MS Excel) open.

    However, the vast majority of the users accessing those documents are to have read-only permissions, no update or checkout.

    When the documents are opened, the read-only users (and I am one) get a message from SharePoint that in order to update the document they must check it out first. If they click "check out" they are presented with a dialogue from Windows Security requesting user credentials (user name / password, or PKI card certificates), and nobody knows what it is looking for (network login values are not accepted).

    How can we change the SharePoint settings so that the message and option to Check Out are not shown, and the document just opens as read-only?



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    I'm no SharePoint wiz but I think the idea is that if you have permissions to open the document, the assumption is that it can be edited, thus the ability to check it out and lock it. As of 2013, apparently you can turn off requiring checkout, but you cannot disable the option to check out from being presented. The one exception I've read about was for pdf's and required you to add a custom key to the registry to disable it. Unfortunately, this would likely be a per pc user thing and frowned upon by IS.
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