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Remove white space and empty fields and label

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    Remove white space and empty fields and label


    I have report where I have all text fields and labels

    For an example i have 4 fields with labels

    2.Address 1
    3.Address 2
    4.Address 3
    5.Address 4

    If Address 2 ,Address 3 is empty and Address 4 got data So In report It will show

    2.Address 1
    3.Address 4

    In report it remove label and textbox which is empty and also remove blank space


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    That's how it's supposed to work. Why would you want to show empty controls/fields when there is no data for them?
    If you must have that, the query for your report will need to include a piece of information that appears in each record where there is an address. This assumes that the address is not the only piece of information in the record. For example, the city name (but it could be anything and city is probably not a good example).
    Address City
    Address1 City
    Address2 City
    Address3 City
    Address4 City
    Then you hide the city control in the report (after you add it there) since you originally didn't need it. Otherwise, you'll have to create some nonsensical data in a calculated query field. As a test, put this just before the word FROM in your sql statement , "1" AS Exp1 so that it reads .... ,"1" AS Expr1 FROM...
    If that does the trick, you add a control to the report in the same section where the address fields are as already noted, and hide it.
    Note: all of this assumes your report is based on a query and you know how to get ALL the records you need if there are joins between tables. If that's the case, first you have to get a query result that shows blanks where there is no address information. And do practice on copies of your queries or reports just in case.
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    it may be that you report controls have their cangrow/canshrink properties set to true, if so, change to false

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