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How to link Access to Excel and update both ways?

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    How to link Access to Excel and update both ways?

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum hoping someone can help me with my Access issue. I am currently building a Setup Profile database which will be used by about 10 users. I am planning to split the database after everything is done. My problem now is that some users work from home on some days and we have to access through VPN. I do not want users to access the database through VPN because it will most likely crash. I am trying to come up with a work around for these users when they are working from home. I created excel with connection to Microsoft Query (Access Database) and it works great for users to read and research the data when they cannot access the database. However, if a user needs to update the information, the change does not feed back to Access Database. Any recommendations on what I need to build so that users can use Database at work, but use either excel or another application to add or edit the information and feed back to access when they need to work from home through VPN?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I work with access via VPN. It works fine. no crashes.
    you can work in excel, which access can read as a table,
    you cannot work in Access to update live excel. you must export access to excel.

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    Thanks for the response Ranman256. Not sure how my VPN is setup but whenever we try to open the access, it will always crash that's why I am so afraid of letting users using it when they work from home. I am looking for a workaround as backup option. I started connecting access to sharepoint but then it removed the relationship among my tables so that's not going to work.

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