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Check multiple subreports for data, if no data hide group header and detail.

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    Check multiple subreports for data, if no data hide group header and detail.

    I have a main report that is bound by a query that lists room numbers in a department (the department is selected from a form, and then the report is run from a command button that filters the report on open).

    The report has 2 group headers: one that acts as the first page of the report, and one that shows details about each room (number, name, and the headers for the columns from the subreports because they are the same regardless of type of item). The report forces a page break after a room's information, a room could have one or more pages depending on how many items are in that room.

    In the report's detail there are three subreports that show different items that are in that room (art, furniture, equipment). The subreports are are linked by DeptID and RoomID.

    A room may have each subreport showing data, or a combination of, or no data at all.

    If the subreports have no data, I don't want to show the group header or detail for that room.

    I have tried a few different ways of accomplishing this, but I seem only to be able to hide all of the room related group headers, or all of the detail, not on a case-by-case basis. Is this done through VBA in the OnFormat or OnPrint events, or is it something I could change in the query for the main report?

    Thank you for any help you might be able to give on this!

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    Fix the query, that is the best way. You can left join the three queries for the subreports and make sure that at least one of them has data.

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