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how to loop through array

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    Exclamation how to loop through array


    I am a beginner with SQL, but seem to have got my head round most concepts, except I am unable to solve this one.

    I have a table that lists all countries called "Tbl_Countries". So far there are two fields - CountryName and Europe. I have another table called "Tbl_Master". In "Tbl_Master" there is a field called 'Country_List' which lists countries a person has visited - each country is separated by a semi-colon (. I need to return a true/false (or yes no) value if any country in 'Country_List' has a 'Yes' marked in the 'Europe' field in the 'Tbl_Countries' table in a new field called 'Europe'.

    Hope this is clear.

    In pseudocode style here is what I need to do:

    1- Put each country in 'Country_List' in an array, separating by the ";" symbol
    2- Check if any of these countries in the array appears in the table Country_List
    3- If it is in country_list, check if field 'Europe' = Yes.
    4 - If Yes, Return TRUE, else return false

    Example tables, with Europe Flag the sql code I am struggling on.


    Name Countries Visited Europe Flag?
    Adam England; Japan TRUE/Yes
    John Australia; Japan FALSE/No


    Country Europe
    England Yes
    Japan No
    Australia No

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    In "Tbl_Master" there is a field called 'Country_List' which lists countries a person has visited - each country is separated by a semi-colon
    this is not how to store data - impossible to do in access without using a udf and will be very slow.

    you should have a separate table with one person/country per record e.g.

    PersonPK autonumber
    PersonName string

    CountryPK autonumber
    CountryName text
    Europe yes/no


Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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