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Sharepoint Linked List keeps going offline

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    Sharepoint Linked List keeps going offline

    I have a linked SharePoint list to my Access 2016 DB. SharePoint should always be online as I'm running the DB on a LAN.
    The SharePoint list will be completely cleared out (Delete Query) before being re-populated (Append Query) within a a very simple macro.
    The main problem is, when I open Access it says "Online with SharePoint" and I can see the table, if I then try to delete from the SharePoint link, either with a delete Query or selecting all rows in the list and hitting delete, the list goes offline. Admittedly the list can have around 1,000 - 2,000 items listed. The same scenario occurs if I try to append to the blank list. I can delete the list if I simply keep trying until all items are deleted.

    Can anyone give me pointers to try and keep a persistent connection to the list OR why the list keeps going offline. My LAN is pretty stable and I'm doing other things on the LAN (Email, etc...) so I'm confident its not dropping a LAN connection

    Versions. Access 2016 and SharePoint 2013


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    I had the same problem, I was using Access 2010 (front end) which was linked to SharePoint 2010 List (back end). Everything worked fine until one day when the IT dudes updated us to Access 2013 which now doesn't want to connect to our SharePoint 2010 List. I was able to find one work around by selecting the "Golden Square" (link-to-list in the table column) right click > and select Refresh List. I only have to do that once, but I have to do it each time I open the db.

    I found this code that solved my connection problems.

    Public Sub updateData()
    End Sub
    Note: (replace "linked_table" name with your actual table name and keep the quotations)... This worked for me...

    I put the code in my Switch-Board (Form) so it refreshes "on load"... Switch Board > Design View > Properties > Event Tab > On Load > Code Builder > Copy n Paste vba string above > Save > Quit Access and relunch.

    Good luck and let us know if this works for you.

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