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MS Access Sharepoint - Copy Table Data/Relationships

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    Question MS Access Sharepoint - Copy Table Data/Relationships

    I am a newbie and since the days when i first dabbled with Databases and Access was over 10 years ago. A lot has changed or i have forgotten a lot of things. So at work, we thought of using a MS access for job issue tracking and using a sharepoint template. Looks good as everyone can access it.

    Only issue is that i have imported a customer spreadsheet (table) with all our current customers on it but i just cannot link it. See the attached. Now majority of querys and macros i have read online dont work with sharepoint, not sure why it is limited.
    Can someone please help in telling me what i need to do so the on the Issue Form - the user can type in the name of the customer and instead of the new list being fetched, it fetches our current customer list.
    Either way, copy the table from to the another, or changing the list it fetches i just cannot work it out. PLease helppp. Thanks
    Below is our relationship, new list and imported listClick image for larger version. 

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Name:	eee].jpg 
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    Thanks in advance, i spent 2 days trying to figure it out, not sure if MS restrict this change or if its my inability.

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    if the fields from the CUSTOMERS table are not displaying the 'correct' information, I would guess you aren't linking on the correct field, or the CUSTOMER field in the ISSUES table is reflecting a different/unrelated customer number. Alternately, if you are importing this data from a text file, it looks like your ID fields are set up as autonumbers, and if that's the case you are creating a primary key on the import and you would need to connect the CUSTOMER field on the ISSUES table to the COMPANY name on the CUSTOMERS table because it looks like your COMPANY is a text field, not a numeric field.

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