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Training Database Bug - Please help!

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    Training Database Bug - Please help!

    So I have a very strange problem and I have tried everything I can think of to try and solve it and so far nothing has worked.

    I have developed a training database that otherwise works flawlessly. But for whatever reason one certain position keeps pulling a certain training module that has nothing to do with that position without me actually assigning it. I have removed it through the form I designed for such a task, from the table itself, and I'll save it after doing this and it won't show up. But as soon as a close the database and reopen it, it will reappear. That one module on that one position but with a new generated auto number if I look it up on the table. All my primary keys are unique, albeit they are text based. I have about 5000 other positions and required training modules and none of the other 4999 have this problem. Does anyone have any ideas in how to fix it or why this is happening?

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    it would have to be debugged using the actual database.

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    Could you elaborate please?

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    Post a copy of your database (zip format). Include instructions to identify the problem area.
    Identify what exactly is "incorrect", and what the "correct" value should be.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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