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Kick People out of the Database to make updates

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    Kick People out of the Database to make updates

    Currently i have an access database that is shared with 50+ people. Before I started, the access database was not setup with a front/back end. Therefore when I need to make updates to the database, I need to be in it exclusively. This has been extremely difficult because coworkers leave the database open on their desktops throughout the weekend. Without a front/back end database to make updates, is there a way to kick users off, or have the ability to time out if access is inactive for more than a set period of time?

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    I had a table tConfig, it had various things the db used, but 1 was, a ForceLogoff check box.
    when a user changed record, or saved, or left a form , it would check this field, then

    bExitAll = Dlookup("[ForceLogoff]","tConfig")
    if bExitAll then
      msgbox "All users must exit the db for updates"

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    Thanks ranman256. I'm going to try to set something up with that code

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    You need a table with a field that holds the kick out flag value - let's say value = 1. In the front end you need an always open form and in the On Timer event you need it to be checking the Kick Out table's value....with code that If =1 then....and shut things down...or do messages to users, etc.

    The admin person enters the 1 value to initiate kick out....

    No matter what it is messy and interruptive... but.....

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    I use the Admin Script Editor from iTripoli Script Form Deployment Tool. Since all Front Ends exist on the same spot for each PC("C:\PDS"). I run the command

    CMD /C DIR C:\PDS\TheDatabase.lccdb

    the command executes once for each machine selected in the interface(which is populated from Active Directory).

    It requires no $$$ as its a free tool. And it takes no database.

    You can also use similar

    CMD /C Taskkill /FI "WindowTitle eq TheDatabase*"

    against the PC's that showed "TheDatabase" as being opened, and that will close the front end.
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    Thanks for this! I will hopefully try and use it on my database!

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