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Printing Single Record from subform or filtering and bringing up a report

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    Printing Single Record from subform or filtering and bringing up a report

    Hello! I have a Main form with a subform attached. I have a few unbound text boxes in that subform so people can type in and print information on the form. However I can not get it to print the subform. I also need it to print that single record. I built a report as suggest, but I still cannot get my command button show me just that one record associated with that subform. Here is the code I am using:

    Private Sub Command175_Click()
    Dim strWhere As String
    If Me.Dirty Then 'Save any edits.
    Me.Dirty = False
    End If
    If Me.NewRecord Then 'Check there is a record to print
    MsgBox "Select a record to print"
    strWhere = "[Repetitive # or Name assigned] = """ & Me.[ Repetitive # or Name assigned] & """"

    DoCmd.OpenReport "Repetitive Listing", acViewPreview, , strWhere
    End If
    End Sub

    When I click the button it say it does not recognize [Repetitive # or Name assigned].

    Any suggestions??

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    First off, is Repetitive # a number or text. Note Should not have spaces or use Alfa-characters in field names.
    I assume Name assigned is text.

    I don't think you can put and OR in the 2nd part of your WHERE clause.

    Since field names have a space the [Names assigned] is how they are referenced.

    In other words. strWhere is wrong.

    Usually I print a report from a underlying query for the report.
    A little more information about your form, report and queries.
    Or upload your database.


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