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Keyword search with Access 2010 FE

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    Keyword search with Access 2010 FE

    I am trying to create a stored procedure that will allow me to search column named "AuditResults" within Access. As the StartDate and EndDate popsup to enter my date range, I would like the keyword search to popup as well so I can enter the keyword I am looking for in the "AuditResults" column. This is what I have but can't get it to work.

    ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.[Proc_QryCon&RegKeywordSearch]
    (@StartDate datetime,
    @EndDate datetime)
    AS SELECT PI, RDStudyNo, Waiverofconsent, WaiverofDocumentation, Consents, TotalSubjects, Ref#, ID, Findings, AuditResults
    FROM dbo.[TblConsents&RegulatoryAudits]
    WHERE (AuditResults LIKE '%') AND (Monthtoreport >= @StartDate) AND (Monthtoreport < @EndDate)

    I am using SQL 2008 R2 and Access 2010.

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    I don't anything about SQL stored procedures, but in Access query could use:

    WHERE (AuditResults LIKE [enter word to search] & "*")

    I never use query input parameter prompts because can't validate entry.
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