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Access 2007 randomly new Newrow does not appear upon editing Newrow

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    Access 2007 randomly new Newrow does not appear upon editing Newrow

    This is a new one for me and I've been developing with Access for about 15 years. This problem is with Access 2007.

    This is how the program works: I have a subform in datasheet view. After entering something into a particular field of the Newrow row, the program undoes the changed row (Me.Undo), filters the records and puts the user back on the Newrow row (Me.Recordset.AddNew, or DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec - the following problem occurs either way) or it puts the user on another row depending on how the filtering went. After that, the user is either on the Newrow or can get there with the mouse or arrow keys.

    As soon as the user starts typing anything into any field on the Newrow, what should happen is that another Newrow should appear, so that he can enter another record after this one. However, this only happens some of the time. Other times, when I type something, the pencil appears as it should for this first Newrow that I am editing, but another Newrow does not appear. If I tab or click away from the row to a previous row, the pencil goes away as it should, but a new Newrow never appears.

    I have debug code that tells me that while I'm on this Newrow row, MyForm.AllowAdditions is still True, and MyForm.NewRecord is still True. If I move off to a previous row and back, MyForm.NewRecord changes to False as it should and MyForm.AllowAdditions stays True.

    This problem seems to be totally unpredictable and random. I can enter the same inputs and sometimes the new Newrow appears and sometimes it doesn't. I've tried repair & compact with no luck.

    So what to do?


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    One other thing...

    If I start typing into the Newrow, then press Escape twice to undo what I typed, the cursor remains blinking as normal in the active field, the pencil disappears, and the Record Selector turns from gray to white. I confirm that MyForm.NewRecord = -1 and MyForm.AllowAdditions = True.

    Then, here's the kicker... If I then click the mouse to a previous row, the Newrow I was just on completely disappears and I am unable to go back to it.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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