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Primary key default value

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    Primary key default value

    Hello all =)

    I would like to create a DB of Customer returns and so would like the Primary Key to be the individual number for each returned product. However, as the returns system is already in place (on a different DB system), I would like to start the records at 20000 (not #1 as dictated by the primary key), so the question is, can i change the value of the first record to Number 20000 in the primary key field and have it auto-increment with every record, as I cant seem to do this at the moment? Many thanks in advance!

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    That is NOT a good strategy. You can start an auto number from a value other than 0, but you can not depend on Access to provide sequential numbers. Autonumbers in Access are meant only to be UNiQUE--NOT SEQUENTIAL. If, for any reason you removed/quit assignment etc, an autonumber could lose any sequencing you might "wrongly" depend on.

    For Returns, you have a Date, a Customer, some Order Number etc, so you can match records based on those field values, and still use a separate autonumber as a key in your system.

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