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Combo to find record on report

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    Combo to find record on report

    Hi, I have a Report with list of employees (45-Employees) with their monthy CountOfDays (worked), SumOfHrs, & SumOfErngs. So I want to make the 'Employees' a Combo Box in this Report so that (I envision) instead of having to scroll down the Report to find 'Wayne Simmos' which of course woud be at the bottom of the Report, if 'Employees' was a Combo Box could I choose 'Wayne Simmos' from a Combo Box list?

    Similar to Form I went through the Combo Box Wizard & I have the Control Source matchig up to the same fields, 'EmployeesID', the Row Source is, SELECT [Employees MnthYr Summary*].[EmployeeID] FROM [Employees MnthYr Summary*] ORDER BY [EmployeeID]; & my Row Source Type is, Table/Query. because I'm drawing the 'EmployeesID' from a query.

    In the Report design view 'EmployeesID' Appears like a Combo Box, howeever when I run the Report 'Employees ID' is NOT a Combo Box. Am I missing a step here...?

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    If you want the data to be interactive - why don't you just use a Form?

    I don't know that you 'cannot' make a report interactive, but my personal experience has been to use reports to display a set of data - and if I want to give my users interactive search capability - then do that on a Form.

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    I edited the thread title to make it more meaningful to future users than "Combo box issues".
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