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leading zero problem

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    leading zero problem

    Hi All
    I am new to this forum and my English isn't best quality.

    I have a problem with 'leading zero' in combo box. In my table [Checks list] I have column with number of check [check #]. The values' format I put as '000' and I have, for example '001', '005', '010', '099' values in individual records. In next steep I prepared form with combo box [Combo0] and I connected this one with column [check #]. The LimitToList Property = True and therefore I must press '0' or '00' keys' sequence if I wish select value under 100 in combo box I want to use keyboard only, I don't like work with mouse - it's so slow tools Someone know how I can change this situation? I want to press key [7] only and after press [Tab] I want to see '007'(like James Bond in my form. And second problem: when I input value (for example '015') from combo0 to any variable (ControlNo = combo0.value), I have '15' as value of variable, but I need 'full information' i.e. '015'. MS Access 2003, VB 6.3.

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    I noticed there hasn't been a reply yet so I'll at least put in my thoughts.
    1. I 'think' you cannot have the 007 in your format AND get to it in the combo box by typing 7. Typing 7 should take you to 700 [if there is a 700] - or the lowest number starting with the number 7.
    I believe that's just the way it works in Access.
    2. BUT - you can always Click & use the down-arrow on your keyboard to scroll down to the number you want without using the mouse.
    Mouse isn't ALWAYS slow . . . I watch guys play 'World of Warcraft' and they always play Mouse + Hot Keys . . .
    Not sure if that will work in Access, though!!

    Let us know if you have any other questions. All the best!

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    Have you tried an AfterUpdate VBA code? Maybe something like the following.

    Private Sub Combo0_AfterUpdate()
    Me.Combo0 = Format(Me.Combo0,"000")
    End Sub

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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