Migrated a 2003 Access database to SQL server, with Access as front end.

The original Access has a query built by joining two tables.

select Table1.ColA,Table1.ColB,Table2.Id,Table2.Desc from Table1 join Table2 where Table1.ID = Table2.ID

The query results are always displayed in a editable datasheet view, based on date ranges entered on the form.
Post migration, the join query is converted into view, and "instead of triggers", are written to enable edit capability of the datasheet view.
If table 1 columns are edited, table 1 is updated, and if table 2 columns are edited, table 2 is updated. This is handled by the trigger code. So far this is working as desired.
However, struck at the edit autofill feature.

The original access, has an autofill capability, and works as the below example.
Eg: If the table 2 has two rows

Id Desc
W1 X
w2 Y

If the query returns the following to the data sheet view,
A B w1 X

On the datasheet view, if W1 is changed to W2, the last column(Desc) would be autofilled to Y.(based on record in table2)
However, this is not happening on the migrated version. Is there any setting/property on Access, that can enable this feature.

Looking for help