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combo box in form suddenly not populating between 2 versions of my front end

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    Unhappy combo box in form suddenly not populating between 2 versions of my front end

    I have a form in Access 2000 with a combo box no longer populating. In the previous version of my front end, the combo box did populate, and I can't tell what the difference is.
    The form is called "frmEditCustomers". The only difference in the vb for the form is code for command boxes related to a list box in a different page of a tab control that is one level up from where my problem is.
    I have 1 combo box - "cboContractVehicleID", which does populate in both versions of my front end.
    The combo box in question is called "cboCVInstallations" and the record source is a query called ECCVInstalls, which references the first combo box, "cboContractVehicleID".

    The idea is once you update the first combo box, it requeries for the combo box that is causing trouble. Here is the code that is unchanged from my prior front end to my new front end:
    Private Sub cboContractVehicleID_AfterUpdate()
    With Me
       .lblTemporaryHold.Visible = Not CBool(.cboContractVehicleID.Column(4))
       .txtTemporaryHoldDate.Visible = Not CBool(.cboContractVehicleID.Column(4))
       .cmdPlaceCVTemporaryHold.Visible = (CBool(.cboContractVehicleID.Column(4)) And (Not CBool(.cboContractVehicleID.Column(7))))
       .pgePredictedRemoval.Visible = Not CBool(.cboContractVehicleID.Column(7))
       .txtPredictedRemovalDate = Null
       .txtCalculatedAmount = Null
       .lblPayable.Visible = False
       .lblProrate.Visible = False
       -->>>> .cboCVInstallations = .cboContractVehicleID
       .cboCVRemovals = .cboContractVehicleID
       .tabCV.Visible = Not IsNull(.cboContractVehicleID)
       .lblSelectVehicleRequest.Visible = IsNull(.cboContractVehicleID)   
       .cmdChgLastMonDate.Visible = IsNull(.EndDate)
       If (gstrSecurityLevel = "A" Or gstrSecurityLevel = "AR") And Len(.cboCVRemovals.Column(1)) = 0 Then
          .cmdContractVehicleEdit.Visible = True
          .cmdContractVehicleEdit.Visible = False
       End If
    End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub RequeryCVLists()
    On Error GoTo Error_Handler
    With Me
       -->>>> .cboCVInstallations.Requery
    End With
    Exit Sub
    Select Case Err.Number
       Case Else
          MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & " : " & Err.Description, vbExclamation, "Error!"
          Resume Exit_Error_Handler
    End Select
    End Sub
    The query sql for ECCVInstalls is, which is the record source for my combo box in trouble, cboCVInstallations, is the same in both front ends:
    SELECT tblContractVehicles.ContractVehicleID, tblContractVehicles.InstallDate, tblServiceCenters.ServCenter, Format([Serial],">") AS BAIID,
    Format([Rent],"Currency") AS Rnt, Format([Insurance],"Currency") AS Ins, GetTechnician([InstallTechID]) AS Tech,
    tblContractVehicles.ID110MailDate, tblDMVForms.FormId AS DL920Install, tblContractVehicles.DL920IssueDate, tblContractVehicles.DL920MailDate,
    tblContractVehicles.ID120InstallMailDate, tblDMVForms_1.FormId AS DL922Install, tblContractVehicles.DL922InstallMailDate, tblDMVForms_2.FormId AS
    DL924Install, tblContractVehicles.DL924IssueDT, tblContractVehicles.DL924IssueDT, tblVehicles.VIN, tblVehicles.License,
    tblContractVehicles.SlidingScale, tblContractVehicles.SlScaleFollowUpDate, tblContractVehicles.VehicleID, tblContractVehicles.MonitorFee AS
    FROM ((tblDMVForms AS tblDMVForms_1 RIGHT JOIN (tblDMVForms RIGHT JOIN (tblServiceCenters RIGHT JOIN (tblBAIIDs RIGHT JOIN tblContractVehicles ON

    tblBAIIDs.BAIIDID = tblContractVehicles.BAIIDID) ON tblServiceCenters.SCID = tblContractVehicles.InstallSCID) ON tblDMVForms.DMVFormID =
    tblContractVehicles.DL920ID) ON tblDMVForms_1.DMVFormID = tblContractVehicles.DL922InstallID) LEFT JOIN tblDMVForms AS tblDMVForms_2 ON
    tblContractVehicles.DL924ID = tblDMVForms_2.DMVFormID) INNER JOIN tblVehicles ON tblContractVehicles.VehicleID = tblVehicles.VehicleID
    WHERE (((tblContractVehicles.ContractVehicleID)=CLng(Nz([Forms]![frmEditCustomers]![cboContractVehicleID],0))))
    ORDER BY tblContractVehicles.InstallDate;

    I know I have the same column listed twice in the SELECT: tblContractVehicles.DL924IssueDT. That didn't cause a problem in the one front end, worked fine with it there.

    I was actually trying to migrate my backend from Access 2000 to SQL Server Express 2008 R2. I then noticed this problem, that the combo box wasn't populating, but with the backend now in SQL Server, I actually got an error that said "Error 3146 : ODBC--call failed." Don't know if that's related, I got it on the same form called frmEditCustomers.
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    With a query that big it will take some time to solve the problem. In
    Private Sub cboContractVehicleID_AfterUpdate() you have a line that just says RequeryCVLists, is that a Function? My suggestion would be to break it down, keep taking sections out and see if it is populating then another section and so on. If you can isolate the problem maybe I could help, but I dont want to go through your whole code :P

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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