I have a large Access 2007 database with an interface that hides most of the Access functions from the user. Many of the users occasionally work outside of the network, so we have enabled Access 2007 to SharePoint 2007 synchronization. This synchronization is invoked by DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSynchronize. Users do not have the ability to manage the offline/online status on their own. The tables are by design set to be "offline", are brought online by the synchronization, and then taken offline again. Of the 9 tables, I have one that consistently (perhaps 33% of the time) remains online after synchronization. None of the other tables have this quirky behavior. This is not a problem while people are connected to our office network or via the VPN. However, when the opt to “work offline” (outside of the network) while this table is stuck online, Access produces an error. I have tried to use RunCommand acCmdToggleOffline when this situation occurs, but the runcommand always get canceled.

Can anyone think of a reason why this one table, and none of the others, would get stuck online after a synchronization to SharePoint?