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Need Help with Access vb coding

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    Need Help with Access vb coding

    Hey guys,

    I have a combo box which is lists all my Products from another table, "Products", it just lists the names but i want it to when i select one, to take the value "weight" from that one record and put the weight in my textbox beside the product name, i need this as it will help calculate freight and etc..

    this is a general idea of what ive been trying so far, ive tried using queries, reports... i just cant get it...

    here is the code im trying..

    Combo874 being where product names are listed and Text1144 being where i want the weight to go. the weight from prooducts form is just a number no kgs or tonne after it

    Private Sub Combo874_AfterUpdate()
    Dim p1 As String 'p1 as i have 4 product boxes and hence w1
    Dim w1 As Integer

    Me.Text = p1
    Query Form_Products.[Product Name].Value
    If Form_Products.[Product Name].Value = p1 Then
    Query Form_Products.Weight = w1
    Text1144.Value = w1
    End If

    End Sub

    Please guys you help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!

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    The weight field could be included in the RowSource of the Combo874 cbo and need not be visible. Then the AfterUpdate event would just be:
    Private Sub Combo874_AfterUpdate()
       Me.Text1144 = Me.Combo874.Column(1)
    End Sub
    The Column() value is zero base4d so 1 would be the 2nd column
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