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I just need to take my access data, and output it in a note form

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    I just need to take my access data, and output it in a note form

    So here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

    I've been working with a doctors office, and he always asks patients certain questions when he see's them. The answers are generally discrete, and the answer is chosen from a drop down.

    I've set everything up so that he just selects the patient he wants, and he can view what thier responses were from the last visit, then make any appropriate changes.
    I've setup a nice form for him to go through where he can make his selections, and save them to the patients access record.

    Here is where I'm stuck:

    This access database does not, and will not interface with the electronic medical record he uses. It's meant to be a standalone database to hold his patient interview questionnaires, so once he fills out the questionnaire, or makes a few changes to it, he will need to be able to generate a 'note' that displays the name of each database field, followed by the response given for that particular patient. Ideally, I want to set things up so that he completes the questionnaire and hits a button that creates a note from the questions and answers provided, and then copies that note automatically to the clipboard. Once the note has been copied, he can switch over to his web based EMR and paste the note there.

    Does anyone know of an easy way to create a note like document from the field names and responses given in a database, and then copy that document to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into another word editing program?

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    You may find this link useful:
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