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Generating List and Narrow down to type

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    Question Generating List and Narrow down to type

    Dear All,
    I started learning Access. I am designing a database. I have a querry. I am a beginner.
    a) I have list of cricket players and tennis players

    b) If I select Cricket, only cricket players names should be visible in next column, similarly If I select tennis, only tennis players should be visible, others should not be visible.

    a) I have a list of countries and cities,
    b) If I select India, Washington should not be visible in the list

    If this kind of data base is prepared and given to a Data entry operator to fill the data. He/she needs not to worry. Now, I want this help. How to do this? Should I build the data base first to link the same through Lookup wizard? If so, I am getting all cities under the city column drop down list. How to narrow it down? Please guide me.

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    Sounds like cascading combos:

    Baldy-Cascading Combos
    Paul (wino moderator)
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    Cascading Combos

    Dear friend, Thank you so much. But since I am a beginner with access, It is little difficult for me to follow. Could you please explain the methodology in access.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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