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Any way to quickly switch user in user-level security ?

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    Any way to quickly switch user in user-level security ?

    I'm looking for a way to quickly switch user for a user-level secured .mdb, since it's going to be accessed on promiscuous computers by multiple operators. A close and restart function would be good enough, but the only one I have found doesn't support user-level protection :

    Any other solution/shortcut ?

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    A little step forward !
    I have placed a button on my form that OnClick launches an external restart.vbs file
    The code for the restart.vbs file is as follows

    dim accessApp
    set accessApp = GetObject("G:\Database\MyDatabase.mdb")
    WScript.sleep 20000
    My trouble is that at restart the database is automatically re-opened using the same username and password : since my original purpose was switching the user, you can figure out how disturbing it is.
    The only way to me to be reprompted for a new username and password is to use :

    instead of

    ... but this means you have to quit and restart the whole application (Access), not just the database (=more time needed).
    Further, I have noticed that the ... :

    .... code deletes the .ldb file but not the .ldw file, so that's likely the reason for the fault.
    The .ldb file, opened in notepad shows myself as the connected user, but the database is actually closed and no other user is connected !!! I have tried to remove the

    accessApp.OpenCurrentDatabase("G:\Database\MyDatab ase.mdb")

    code so that the .vbs was close-only, and also in this case the .ldb remained there. So it seems as a fault of the CloseCurrentDatabase function.
    As you can see above I have also tried to add a long pause in the .vbs hoping this was enough for the .ldb to self-delete, but this didn't help.
    How can I delete that f****d .ldb file ????

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