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Security Logon to database

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    Security Logon to database

    Hi All,

    I gave a security successfully in my local machine and able to logon by userid.
    Tools, Security, User And Group Accounts

    How should i give security for the database files on server? should i have to go on server and create users?

    Also On the server we don't have MS office s/w installed. How can is give security?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Security Logon to database

    When Microsoft Access is installed on your PC a default Workgroup Information File (System.mdw) is created. By default MS-Access uses this file to login Users (silently) while attempting to open a database. The default UserID is Admin and the Login Dialog Box will not appear until you set a Password for the Admin User. There are other Security issues if you continue to use this default Workgroup Information File.

    Create a separate Workgroup Information database (with .mdw extension) on a common location on the Server accessible to other Users of your Applications. You can do this by running the Wrkgadm.exe from the language folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033). 1033 is US English folder, for MS-Office 2000. In MS-Access 2003 run this program from Tools - ->Security - ->Workgroup Administrator...

    Each User must run this program from their PCs and Join this common Workgroup Information database. You can implement Access Rights to each UsersGroup/User.

    Remember, this file contains only the UserId, PersonalID and passwords of Users and UserGroups. Permission settings are stored directly on the Database.

    Use the following link for more details: Microsoft Access Security

    PS: Don't forget to Read the Comment Section also.

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