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How to use a create a DSum with multiple criteria

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    How to use a create a DSum with multiple criteria

    am currently programming a report that needs to spit out all of the money paid to a specific client. The Dsum function I used was:

    =DSum("CashforVisit","Financials","Financials.SSN= " & [SSN])

    Which worked excellent. However, I need a way to add another criteria to the DSum function, specifically that the payments happenned in 2011. This report grabs information from table Financials, which documents every payment, the SSN of the recipient, and the date of the payment.

    Values to sum: CashforVisit
    Table name: Financials
    Criteria1:"Financials.SSN= " & [SSN]
    Criteria2: DateofVisit >= 1/1/2011
    Criteria3: DateofVisit <= 12/31.2011

    The following solution has been suggested, but unfortunately does not seem to work:
    =DSum("CashforVisit","Financials","Financials.SSN= " & [SSN] & " AND Financials.DateofVisit Between " & DateSerial(Year(Date()),1,1) & " And " & DateSerial(Year(Date()),12,31))

    This expression is in the detail field of a report.
    How would I do this? I have been trying for a while, I would love some help

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    give this a flyer:

    =DSum("CashforVisit","Financials","Financials.SSN= " & [SSN] & AND "Financials.DateofVisit >= " #1/1/2011# And "Financials.DateofVisit <= " #12/31/2011#)

    complete aircode - may not work.

    you sure you want to hard code dates? ....that almost is never a good idea (in my humble opinion...). You could have user select year in a form - and then call in that date range from the form as the first simple select query which returns all records for that date range. then set up your working dsum to run on this new query instead..... gives the user flexibility in their report dates/year and makes for a simpler dsum statement too.....

    happy 2011

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