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VBA Versus Macro

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    Post VBA Versus Macro

    So I am trying to determine the main points for use of Macros and VBA. When I started using Access, I utilized Macros. It worked well for me since I had no real programming experience and Macro's appeared to be Newbie friendly. Now my database is starting to get slow. Someone (who, while smart, I would never believe over any of you) hinted to me that this could be due to the fact that I have many embedded Macro's running.

    I know ideally I should be using VBA. From what I understand, it is a lot more flexible and allows for greater customization of automation tasks. I am just looking for input on what you think. I notice most people on here use VBA, but why?

    And as a side question, does VBA actually load and run faster than a Macro?

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    I use VBA exclusively, due mainly to power, flexibility and error handling. I suspect it does load/run faster, but that's completely untested. That said, in the situation you describe, macros wouldn't be my first suspect. Have you traced the slowness to macros? Or could it be queries, forms loading slowly, etc.
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    I haven't, due to the fact that my database relies heavily on one table that has 700+ records, some navigation forms, and filtering based on some multi value selections. I eliminated alot of queries that, prior to deletion, did slow it down.

    I plan on getting bored in the near future and redoing it as a VBA coded database to see if it is faster. Just looking for the moral internet support to push towards doing it

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    I too use VBA exclusively, also for the reasons posted.

    700+ records
    This is nothing for Access..... one of my tables has over 1.29 million records. My employee table has over 9,000 records.

    I would start with ensuring that the table structure is normalized.
    Check to see if the indexes are correct.
    No lookup fields . (different than look up tables)
    No multi-value fields.
    The evaluate the queries.

    Hard to say without being able to touch the dB. But that is where I would start...
    Good luck
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Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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