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Thread: getting a value from textbox to the table.

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    getting a value from textbox to the table.

    I thought this was going to be simple but it is not coming together. I have a textbox on a form that was tied into my table as a control source. No issue there. I then changed the control source for the textbox to:
    =DMin("CertEndDate","3rdPartyList","SupplierRecord=" & Forms!Primary!SupplierRecord)
    This gets me the value I am looking for which is derived from the lowest date from a subform list. The problem I have now is that the value is not tied into the table.

    I tried changing the textbox control source back to the table field and adding this to an event but it was a no go.
    =Forms!Primary!EarliestExpiration=DMin("CertEndDate","3rdPartyList","SupplierRecord=" & Forms!Primary!SupplierRecord)
    Essentially I need to take the lowest date from a subform, display it on the parent form and write that value to the form source table.

    Any thoughts on a simple way to do this?


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    I probably wouldn't save it (calculated value violation of normalization rules), but the code would be:

    Forms!Primary!EarliestExpiration=DMin("CertEndDate ","3rdPartyList","SupplierRecord=" & Forms!Primary!SupplierRecord)

    In other words, no "=" at the beginning.
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