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Fetch Data From MS-Access

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    Fetch Data From MS-Access


    I have a student database in MS-Access, And I want to fetch some part of data from ms-access to excel.There is a macro in access where 20 to 25 queries in that macro, I want to hit macro first so macro will do all the calculation in ms-access, then at end final query will store result data in "Student_Final_Result" table, After that I want to fetch all data from "Student_Final_Result" to excel in Sheet("Student").range("a1"), But I am not sure how will I do this.....

    Database Name Student_Data.mdb
    Macro_Name Stu_Calc

    Temprary_Table Student_Final_Result
    Excel_Workbook Student Result
    Result_Sheet Student
    Paste_Range Sheet("Student").range("a1")

    Please help me to resolve this problem.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    You can bring the data from an access table/query values into Excel and keep the data refreshed every time change happens in access without writing VBA Code.

    The Reference link: Access Live Data in Excel.

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