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Re-Open Form?

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    Re-Open Form?

    Hi All!

    Newbie here with question. I have most of my database set up and have learned a lot in the last few weeks.

    Here is the question that has me stumped right now...

    Our company currently uses a paper log to keep track of a test in which we incubate a vial for atleast 3 hours.....

    When we place the vial in the incubator, we write down:

    Date In, Time In, Operator Initials.....

    Then when we remove the vial (up to 3 days later) from the incubator we record:

    Date Out, Time Out, Operator Initials and Results (Positive,Negative)

    I have the form and it works perfectly but, what I need to know is how do I deal with the fact that half the form is completed and then it could be from 3 hours until 3 days before we remove the vial, read the results and enter the rest.

    Should the form just remain open until complete? (that probably wouldnt work because someone would accidently close it)

    Is there a way to build a button that pulls up last edited record?

    Also you should know that there could be more than one test going on at once......(many records sitting out there half completed)

    Any ideas?

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    Re-Open Form?

    Your problem needs careful planning and develop a system to execute the reminding action automatically within different time period. If the triggering of reminding action required several times a day then the database must be kept open. When the database is closed the programs cannot run to check and validate the data.

    In your case several queries and periodical validation of data within a fixed timer interval is required to remind and show the cases that requires updating of records.

    Take a look at a simple example that is used for a Birthday reminder: Reminder PopUps.

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    You could have a form which is sourced with records that have the 'In stuff' populated but not the 'Out stuff'.

    You could also create a Totals query which counts the number of these records and displays a message on your switchboard.

    Several ways to skin this particular cat...

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    Thanks Gentlemen,

    Steve I think I like your idea of populating a table with the records that have "In" info and not "out" info....

    I would simply create a split form so I could see the last 10 records below and with a glance you could choose the one you need to update and then update it up top. That would be the easiest fix.....but alas....I have Access 2010 at home, but only 2003 at work (no split forms!)

    I really do not need a reminder to record the "out" info as the operator will see the vial in the incubator and will remove and record out info.
    What I do need is an easy way to pull those unfinished records back up.

    How about some sort of query/ report/ whatever that tells me the records that have the "in" info but not "out" info?

    Any ideas how to do this?

    Thanks again for your time

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