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Thread: Open Form from number held in another form

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    Open Form from number held in another form

    Hi All,

    My first Post so be gentle.

    I have a simple form with one field on display which offers the user a choice of selecting lets say Records 1, 2 or 3. This selection opens a query which loads all the fields associated with the table. From this query I have opened another basic form which has only one field on display which is a unique number based on the initial selection Lets say the number 2.

    I now wish to open a form which is unique to this number 2.

    Here is my humble offerings which fail to deliver.

    Private Sub Job1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

    DoCmd.OpenQuery "CompetitionNameQuery"
    DoCmd.OpenForm "GameTypeNoForm"
    If "Forms.GameTypeNoForm.GameTypeNumber" = "2" Then
    DoCmd.OpenForm "PlayersNameQuery"
    End If

    There is something I am missing with the
    If "Forms.GameTypeNoForm.GameTypeNumber" which is defeating me.

    The idea is to be able to have numbers from say 1 to 20 all opening a different form by extending the routine with the "else" command.

    Any help really appreciated.


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    Your reference to GameTypeNumber should be:

    Forms.[GameTypeNoForm].[GameTypeNumber]. (or maybe those should be ! instead of periods, but I don't think it will matter.) If GameTypeNumber is really numeric, then you shouldn't need quotes around the-- 2 ---.
    Having said that, it seems to me that using an option group or list box would be simpler, but I don't have a clear picture of how many tables, queries and forms you have.
    Why not just have the first form select which form to open next and that form would open with the proper query?

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    Problem Solved

    Thanks hertfordkc,

    The only thing I hadn't tried was putting the Form and Field in brackets. I have also removed the quote from the number, it works with quotes also.

    This was the last hurdle in creating a series of score entry forms and player selection lists for use with all types of Golf Scoring arrangements. Singles, pairs, team games, leagues and so on. So far as I know knowone has produced such a wide ranging list of scoring facilities. I run a Winter League which has Singles pairs and Mixed hence the requirement to have both seperate scoring but also to have seperate player lists with each having their own handicap. If I ever get it finished it should take the strain out of manually entering results myself and working out winners and League Leaders.

    Many Thanks Again


    Private Sub Job1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "CompetitionNameQuery"
    DoCmd.OpenForm "GameTypeNoForm"
    If Forms![GameTypeNoForm]![GameTypeNumber] = 1 Then
    DoCmd.OpenForm "PlayersNameQuery"

    ElseIf Forms![GameTypeNoForm]![GameTypeNumber] = 2 Then
    DoCmd.OpenForm "PlayersNameQuery2"
    ElseIf Forms![GameTypeNoForm]![GameTypeNumber] = 3 Then
    DoCmd.OpenForm "PlayersNameQuery3"
    End If
    End Sub

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    You can open Forms and Reports by using a simple method. This method also has an advantage of implementing this method easily in your other databases also once you know few basics of it.

    Take a look at the Article on this topic: Opening Access Forms

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