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What is the best way to display my records?

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    What is the best way to display my records?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working on a project for work with Access 2007, and I'm pretty unfamiliar with the program. Basically, I've created a database of approx. 500 asphalt mix designs. I created six tables with each containing a primary key named "DesiNumb". Then, I created a referencial integrity-enforced relationship between the DesiNumb primary key in Summary table with each DesiNumb primary key in each of the other tables. In other words, the primary key in my Summary table was connected to the primary key in each of the other tables.

    Then, I created a form that would let me input data into all of these tables. The design number (DesiNumb) primary key value was entered, and then all of the data for that design. All of the data was then entered automatically into their corrosponding tables with the unique record identifier (DesiNumb) for each. This was good!

    Now, I would like to come up with a way for the user to be able to simply enter in the design number (DesiNumb) and be able to see all the fields from all tables related to that record. Also, I would like for the user to be able to search for designs/records that have come from a particular location.

    Does anyone know what the best way to do this would be? I have approximatly 175 fields from 6 different tables I would like to be able to display at once from the user simply entering the design number.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like a structure similar to what I use for our lab data (which also includes asphalt mix designs among other procedures). A join of the subsidiary tables to the Summary table should be possible. Otherwise form/subforms arrangement is an option.

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